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JEWELRY and homewares


About us

CHIMAYO Gallery & Shop is continually keeping watch for novel art and products.  Our artists and suppliers 
produce cool, smart, and unconventional pieces.  CHIMAYO 
loves being able to support community artists and inspiring creators to do what they love.

At CHIMAYO, we are consumed with alluring art and captivating objects.  We have opened CHIMAYO Gallery & Shop at 528 W Market Street in Perkasie, PA in part  to have a way to come face to face with the scores of marvelous people within this community, both consumers and creators.  There’s a lot more to come!

We at CHIMAYO provide jewelry and housewares
that entice us so much that we simply have to
get them in stock to share with our patrons,
who are fortunate  
enough to take them home.

Each CHIMAYO artist is brimming with a special
vision. Our collection is
revised frequently as our
scope is continually
increasing and as we find
gifted new artists and craftspeople. The creations
we offer are constructed with attention, affection and astonishing cleverness.


Celebrate  'first fridays'  at chimayo!  enjoy the soiree with complimentary refreshments!